Freshman Transition Programs. Freshman Success

How Does Your School Transition Your new Freshmen?

The first nine weeks of the freshman year in high school will determine the success, struggle or failure of ALL of your students.  Do nothing and first quarter and semester failure rates will top 50%, putting half of the class at risk of not graduating on time!

Our new lesson package, focused on freshman success, contains 25 lesson folders that can be used for the first quarter, semester, during an advisory period or spread out over the entire year.

Lesson include: 

**School knowledge

**Getting acquainted with classmates

**Career and college interest inventories and lessons

**Social/emotional lessons/sensitivity

**Bullying/cyber-bullying prevention

**Five year Academic planning card

**Activities that focus students on developing a mindset

Buy now and use FOREVER!

The program includes:

--LIFETIME LICENSE (never anything else to buy!)


--25 Lesson folder with all handout and activities

--Resources to other programs and links.

--Google Drive link dedicated to your school's program.  Flash drive also.






We're new users for the 2018-2019 school year. We just ended our first quarter and results are in: 45% decrease in multiple D's and F's for class of 450. 52% decrease in a single D or F. 33% decease in discipline referrals for minor infractions; 12% for major. We did a survey and kids said that the beginning of the year activities made them realize the high school counts and that the adults would be helping them along--very insightful responses!  Wish we would have had this years ago!

Dr. Carmen E. High School Prin. 

We  Beta tested this program for the 17/18 school year in a large high  school with a freshman class of almost 700, mainly at risk and  undeserved populations. We dedicated a semester to "Freshman Success"  classes and made each lesson the theme of the week building additional  ideas and activities into the program. At the end of the first quarter,  we expected our normal 60% of students with at least one "F."

When  I got the data, I made my AP go back twice and audit it:  18% of our  freshman had one "F" and only 10% had more than one "F." The results for  "D" work were just as amazing. I truly thought that someone had  "goosed" the data. 

You're  getting the revised program from our and our kids' input. If you don't  use this, then I am disappointed. It helped our kids: I can't wait to  see how these students fare in 10th grade during the 18/19 school year

          Roderick S., High School Principal, Urban area  

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