Q:  How is the curriculum delivered?

A:  The curriculum is sent via a Google Drive Link and a flash drive is sent to the school for maximum revision capability. 

Q:  How long does the license last?  Do I need to renew it every year?

A:  The license is a lifetime license to the school.  Unlike most companies who charge yearly fees, there are NO additional fees of any kind, unless a separate consulting contract is desired for the school or district.

Q:  Why do I need an advisory program?  Ours has been a waste of time for many years.

A:  This is exactly why a structured curriculum is necessary for a program!  A poorly implemented advisory is worse than no advisory at all, due to the wasted class time.  If there are guidelines, then the time is structured and useful.

Q:  Won't the teachers see this as just "one more thing to do?"

A: NO!  The curriculum can be used as written with very little additional preparation on the teacher's part.  It can also be revised and revamped to fit the needs of each individual school.

Q:  Why is the curriculum so expensive?

A:  Most companies charge much more than we do.  Our goal is to have EVERY secondary school with a program in place so that NO STUDENT "slips through the cracks." Many years  of work have gone into developing these.  You receive 100's of lessons and 700-800 pages of materials. Revisions and research are ongoing and you can receive yearly updates to the program. We have added 25+ lessons over the past year, for example.

Q:  What kinds of support services are available?

A:  Every school is unique!  We can work with a school to develop a facilitation with a small leadership group or the entire faculty for 1, 2 or 3 days!  We don't used "canned" PD and work with each school to develop a PD plan that directly addresses their needs.

Q:  What are the qualifications of the EdExcellence Group?

A:  Bob Gerye, Leader of The EdExcellence Group  brings over 40 years of experience to schools, as a building principal  and a district leadership development administrator for the 5th largest  school district in the U.S.. Honored as a NASSP Principal of the Year,  Washburn University Alumni Fellow, Jeffrey Lawrence National Award for  Leadership in Arts Education, Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Community  Achievement Award for Education, and the Clark County School District  Education Hall of Fame, Bob is known as an innovator and designer of  unique high school programs and reforms. In addition, he has developed,  mentored and coached hundreds of new administrators via his university  teaching experience in Masters programs for educational administration.