Mr. Gerye provided a full day PD for Back to School this year. We were all nervous and passive aggressive because we needed/wanted to be in our classrooms working, instead! He engaged us from the beginning, used humor and collaboration and left us wondering where the entire day had gone. We put him at the top of our list to return during the year to help us problem-solve!                 

  Madelyn, High School AP and English teacher 

I’ve known Bob for many years—I watched as he developed two new school concepts in Las Vegas and always marveled at how he did it and got people to buy in.I moved to another urban area. So, I hired him to come in and work with my seasoned faculty (25 years exp./average!) I had no big expectations. They all sat with their arms crossed for the first hour. Group activities landed with a thud, like mud balls on concrete. But when we did the personal mission exercise, it was like some heat wave had melted the ice. EVERY…and I mean EVERY person…even the nastiest curmudgeon…was up on their feet and engaging in the exercise. He then dumped the agenda and retooled for the rest of the day. At the end of the day, I had functioning PLC’s and departments. I almost accused him of drugging them in some way. If you don’t hire him for the beginning of the year, then you get as little as you expect.

                                                                                     Marcelita, HS, Inner city urban



Package Includes:

1) The Freshman Year: Transitions and Missions--25 Lesson Folders--500+ pages

2) Freshman Success Academy: 19-36 Weeks of Freshman Success Materials

3)Two(2) Days of on-site PD/one-one facilitation/leadership group meetings, including expenses. Can also be done via video-conference. You will be guided by a principal who has developed and implemented a Freshman Academy!

  1. $5000 Value for $2900
  2. Lifetime License for Curriculum folders; all materials, face to face help and all expenses included!

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