A good administrator is one who is knowledgeable, reflective and proactive.  Too often, we "throw" our new administrators into a job with little training other than a college degree and expect them to work miracles overnight. They become overwhelmed and reactive, never being offered the time to become proactive.  And in an environment like this, there is definitely no time for reflection and improvement. We have been trained by the nest, the "Father" of Effective Schools, Dr. Lawrence Lezotte.


What is you plan to develop new leaders?

      *Based on our extensive experience teaching and mentoring prospective         administrators, we can plan, develop and implement an administrative         development plan,  based on your  school's or district's needs.



What do you do to develop your new leaders once they are in a school? They attend mass professional development that may or may not fit their needs or unique school problems.  Our plans focus on long term, monthly contact and coaching, based on deliverable goals.


Every situation is unique, but our goal and mission is to provide AFFORDABLE and QUALITY services that  EVERY district can afford.  Daily rates start at $750, and expenses are billed separately.


We do NOT used "canned" PD or "one size fits all.  In consultation with leadership, we identify the specific needs of the school or district, examine mission and vision statements and develop a plan that include both academic and coaching  components.  Every plan and district is unique.