How do YOU motivate staff those first days back?

****Are you going to stand and read the staff handbook page by page?

****Are you going to do something that has no connection to EVERY DAY of the school year?

****Will those first days set a positive tone for the ENTIRE YEAR....or just more grousing in the lounge?

Let's do something MEANINGFUL that will guide our entire year!

There is NO SIT AND GET when we take a deep dive into the meaning of each person's educational mission and the mission of the school.  Everyone will leave with specific classroom activities to engage and personalize with their kids.  This might even be the start of any ADVISORY PROGRAM!



**Examine our personal and educational missions and what they      mean to us!

**Examine and interpret the mission of the school--what does it mean for us, for       our kids, for our community?

**Examine and list the things we can do to personalize our school!   

**Develop fun, engaging activities for our classrooms,     departments, and houses that develop great school climate where     EVERY kid feels that he/she has at least one person on campus


 You will end the day with a sheaf of activities  and ideas to use with your k ids--and you will have developed  them as a school team!  



I went to this thinking: “Oh my gosh..another outsider who is going to tell us what to do and then disappear.” I don’t think I've moved around this much all summer! From the beginning, it was interactive and engaging. I was forced to examine why I am doing what I am doing. I was forced to team with others to concoct solutions for personalization in our school. At the end of the day, I was EXHAUSTED and would have gone to another day with Bob. Bottom line: This single day has made the most difference in my 22 years of teaching than ANY OTHER PD! And I know my kids..and they succeed!

Judith, HS Math, Inner-city school

Robert Gerye truly tells us the truth, whether we want to hear or not! This one day taught me more, by example, about engagement than ANY of my teacher training courses. I’m in my third year and through that I knew it all. I didn’t! But I’m better now! Thank you for caring about our growth!

                                                                                     Justile, MS LA, suburban school

I’ve known Bob for many years—I watched as he developed two new school concepts in Las Vegas and always marveled at how he did it and got people to buy in.I moved to another urban area. So, I hired him to come in and work with my seasoned faculty (25 years exp./average!) I had no big expectations. They all sat with their arms crossed for the first hour. Group activities landed with a thud, like mudballs on concrete. But when we did the personal mission exercise, it was like some heat wave had melted the ice. EVERY…and I mean EVERY person…even the nastiest curmudgeon…was up on their feet and engaging in the exercise. He then dumped the agenda and retooled for the rest of the day. At the end of the day, I had functioning PLC’s and departments. I almost accused him of drugging them in some way. If you don’t hire him for the beginning of the year, then you get as little as you expect.

                                                                                     Marcelita, HS, Inner city urban

I went, I learned, I was changed for life.

                                                                                     Jose, MS Math

I laughed, I cried…I took at look at why I was doing what I was doing in a way I never had. I feel like this day directed me in a way I had been searching for, for many years.

                                                                                     Heather, HS Social Studies


Options available for half days/full days/custom presentations.  Prices begin at $750/day plus expenses.